International Relations Directorate

On Exemption Requirements for English/Turkish Proficiency Exam

Dear Student,

Students who meet the following exemption criteria will be exempted from the English/Turkish Proficiency Exam:

For the English Proficiency Exam:

- TOEFL IBT, TOEFL IBT Home Edition (Overall: 75) (Provided that 2 years have not passed since the certification of the exam)
- Regardless of their citizenship information, candidates who have completed all of their primary, secondary and high school education in a country whose mother tongue is English will be able to apply for an English Exemption with a document showing that they have completed the specified education levels in the relevant country/countries.

For Turkish Proficiency Exam:

-Candidate's holding only Turkish Citizenship
- Holding a Blue Card
- Having a B2 Level TÖMER Certificate obtained from universities or a Yunus Emre Institute Language Proficiency Certificate at B2 Level
- Having taken all of the high school education in high schools that are related to the Ministry of National Education and provide education in Turkish


Istinye University
International Relations Directorate