International Relations Directorate

International Student Evaluation Results within the Scope of 10% Quota Limitation

The evaluation results of the applications received for Faculty of Medicine, Medicine (Turkish) department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmacy (Turkish) and Pharmacy (English) departments, Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry (English) department between August 4th - September 1st 2022 within the scope of 10% quota limitation are as follows.

NOTE: Candidates who have the international exam types and scores announced in İstinye University's international student admission requirements are prioritized.

*A conditional acceptance letter valid for 3 business days has been sent to the e-mail addresses used by the candidates in the main list. Candidates in the main list must start the process by paying the pre-registration fee within the period specified in the relevant letter.

**Applications within the 10% quota limitation were not taken into consideration as no seats have left for Medicine (English), Dentistry (English), Dentistry (Turkish) and Pharmacy (English).

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International Relations Directorate