International Relations Directorate

About Us

about us

We believe that internationalization enhances the quality of education and research, and our main aim is to create an environment that supports creativity, learning and exploration by offering numerous opportunities for intercultural exchange.

As the Director of International Relations; In the framework of Erasmus +, bilateral agreements and other international agreements, we aim to create opportunities for our students to benefit from the advantages of international exchange programs.

Our main task is to ensure that our students are able to communicate with educational institutions without any problem during the process of application for studying abroad and manage these processes related to exchange programs; to make necessary correspondence with our partner universities, to prepare and update bilateral agreements, and to follow up the signature process.


Our Internationalization Policy

We are moving forward in our education, research, and development activities with the aim of being an institution that affects the society in the national and international arena.

As International Relations Directorate, within the framework of our internationalization policy, we give priority to these issues below;

I. Increasing the number of international students and country diversity,

II. Increasing student and staff mobility within the scope of Exchange and Joint Education Programs,

III. Increasing the number of cooperation agreements signed with leading international institutions/organizations in their fields,

IV. Following the international accreditation application procedures within the scope of our diploma recognition studies.