International Relations Directorate

Accomodation & Residence Permit


As Istinye University, we do not have student dormitories.

However, we refer our students to some private dorms which offer discounted prices for our students.

Please contact the dormitories for further information.

You can also see more options on Discounted Dorms

If you do not prefer staying in a dorm, you may look for off-campus options. There are lots of apartments in Istanbul and if you can find a place that is near public transportation, you can easily access anywhere in Istanbul.

Please note that students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Residence Permit

Dear Student,

After you complete your registration at our university and apply online on, you need to submit the documents listed below to International Relations Directorate (Ground Floor, Z10);

1- Application Form (Signed by you)

2- Copy of passport and validity date of the passport

3- Copy of the last entry seal 

4- Copy of the visa (if available)  

5- Copy of the residence permit card (if available)  

6- 4 Passport size photo

7- Student certificate (You can request an e-signed student certificate by sending an e-mail to )

8- Address declaration paper (The contract of the place where you currently staying; rental contract, dorm contract etc.) 

9- Health Insurance 

10- Receipt of the payment (You can pay the application fee by credit card on e-ikamet system) 

* Additional documents may be required for students under the age of 18:

- In case the mother or father is not present during the residence permit application, the consent document of the one who is not present

-Death certificate of spouse who died if one of the mother or father died

- If the mother and father are divorced, child custody certificate

- If the mother and father of the child is married, a marriage certificate or certified copies of the document proving that they are married.

After your application, wait for your card to be sent to you and after receiving your card, send a copy of the card to the Student Affairs Office.

For detailed information, you can contact

We wish success.