International Relations Directorate

Lateral Transfer Procedures and Registrations within the Scope of International Student Quota

Lateral Transfer Procedures within the Scope of OSYM Quota

If you are holding only Turkish Citizenship and enrolled in a higher education institution abroad by completing your high school education in Turkey, you need to contact Student Affairs Office of our university on regarding lateral transfer to universities in Turkey, application criteria and for all the information related to the issue.

E-mails sent to the International Relations Directorate on this matter are directly forwarded to the relevant unit of our university.

Registrations within the Scope of International Student Quota

If you meet one of the criteria below within the scope of international student quota, you should contact our university's "" website and complete your application from our online application form.

  • Holding only one foreign citizenship
  • To have a second citizenship in addition to the Turkish Citizenship
    (the candidate must declare his/her citizenship with “identity register copy”)

  • Holding only Turkish Citizenship and completing all the high school education abroad

(NOTE: Applications of candidates with a diploma obtained through the distance education system will not be accepted, for diplomas obtained through formal education, the entrance and exit stamps to the country where the diploma was obtained will be checked on the student’s passport)

We wish you success.

International Relations Directorate